Hi everyone,
My name Radha Sarn, I’m a certified professional hair and makeup artist. I also own and operate two hair salons called Salon Picasso and Salon Picasso Bridal Studio. I am taking this course to update my teaching skills so that one day I may be able to share my knowledge with others.

I have completed the PIDP 3100 and PIDP 3250 courses.
This blog is part of the Course PIDP 3240 – Media Enhanced Learning. My blog is about Social Media as a learning tool. For the next few weeks I will be sharing some posts and resources with you guys on Social Media. I hope you will like my blog. I would like to share my work history with everyone.

Picasso once said, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” and Radha Sarn takes this quote to heart. As the owner of Salon Picasso in Abbotsford since 2003 and most recently the Salon Picasso Bridal Studio in Surrey, I’m passionate about every acpect belonging to makeup and hair artistry. My flawless makeup and hair looks range from clean simplicity to bold bursts of colors while always being dedicated to professionalism and attention to detail.
My inspiration to pursue a career in makeup and hair came at a young age and began a career in India in 1997. After immigrating to Canada with only my talent in tote, I began experimenting and developing my
own techniques, while obtaining a Canadian licence. I have never looked back. My passion for this industry has been amazing. I started working in a salon as a junior stylist, then a director, and after five years of perseverance, I opened Salon Picasso. I love interacting with clients, talking to them and helping them to achieve their desired looks is so rewarding. I love when my clients sit in my chair and we
collaborate – they tell me what they are imagining and I provide my advice and we end up with a look that is tailored perfection.

Thank you
Radha Sarn

Salon Picasso Abbotsford

Salon Picasso Bridal Studio Surrey


Here are blogs of my classmates participating in this course (3240, Option B, Social Media as a Learning Tool)

Saurabh Talwar




Alexandrina Borthwick



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