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How the Beauty Industry leverages Social Media

Written on June 23, 2011 by Klaus in Case StudiesTips & Tricks
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Social media becomes more and more important. Most big beauty brands already have jumped on the bandwagon and have leveraged social media to engage with customers and prospects and build worthwhile relationships. But how do they integrate their social media strategy into their marketing mix?

First of all you need to ask yourself what your overall aims and objectives are! On her blogJenni gives a few ideas on how social media can help to meet these aims and maximise activity:

For instance, product development could use social media for customer feedback and market research for new products. Customer service could use social media to answer queries and complaints, and turn negative feedback into a positive experience. Social media could create newsworthy campaigns that PR can then promote to the press.

Jenni also emphasises that it is important to create and implement a plan based on all of these needs. The plan which should function as a guide and needs to be adjusted as circumstances demand ensures that the social media activity ‘meets the brand’s aims, rather than ending up just doing social media for social media’s sake’.

Social Media is social! Start a dialogue, not a monologue

Social media is communication and communication only works if you start a dialogue with your prospects and customers instead of using your social media accounts to solely push out sales messages.

Always remember that an informative approach is very important when it comes to social media. Listen to your audience, identify relevant conversation topics, brand evangelists and opinion leaders within your field. Connect with them, enter the conversation, interact and build relationships. Always answer if someone asks a question, always react to complaintsfast and accordingly.

By doing so you will grow your fan base and create loyal customers who are likely to recommend your services and products to their friends and peers. Word of mouth and recommendation marketing is the key word.

Ok, that are quite general tips. How should a beauty related company integrate social media. Well, let’s look how others have done it.

Give to Get: Generate a loyal following by sharing your expertise

Have you ever heard of Lauren Luke aka panacea81? Everything started when the single mom and taxi dispatch clerk uploaded a few videos to Youtube with tips and tricks on how to (re)create celebrity looks. Within a short time frame Lauren garnered thousands and millions of views for her make-up tutorials and built a loyal following of almost half a million subscribers. Today she has her own make-up line called ‘By Lauren Luke’ and sells her products very successfully to customers in the US, Canada and Europe. Also onTwitter she shares her knowledge and skills with almost 40.000 followers.



Lauren Luke became a celebrity herself by sharing videos on how to imitate celebrity looks


Nice story, but what can a small company like a make-up school which just has started to step into the world of social media learn?

You need to give before you get something back! As I said before you need to add value to people instead of just promoting yourself and telling them how great you are. Step outside the sales pitch and be social. First listen, then talk and share valuable and value-added information! Show your passion, your expertise and share your knowledge and you will attract a huge and loyal following. Also contests and giveaways are good ways to create a buzz. Just make your following talk about you, make them love your brand.



Bobbi Brown answers beauty questions on Twitter



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2 Responses to How the Beauty Industry leverages Social Media

  1. John Doe

    August 12, 2012 | 3:27 am

    The problem with social media activity is that its results are soooo poorly trackable.
    You listen and follow and answer and write and signup and … you never know which of these generated some results.



  1. SMRT Assignment #1 (Post 1) « allyson’s publicity works school works blog
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Cultural Weddings Show

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  1. Breakfast Television September 14, 2011 at the City TV office. Bright and early – arrival time instudio: 6:45 am. Radha Sarn from Salon Picasso did an amazing job. And Mei Chu – MUA for City TV awesome. Special thanks for the gorgeous gowns: Indian Bridal Lengha by Crossover Bollywood Se – Mannu Sandhu (model) and Gurwinder Gill Blush Studioz (MUA). White wedding gown by Djamila Bridal Boutique. Asian Red Phoenix silk gown by HN Wedding Centre. Brides and grooms be sure to save the date for the Vancouver’s next bridal show taking place September 15 & 16, 2012 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.


100 ways to teach with twitter

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100 Ways to Teach with Twitter
by K. WALSH on FEBRUARY 7, 2010

These resources actually provide over 110 ideas for, and examples of, using Twitter in the classroom.

It’s been almost 8 months since I published the post, “6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom”, about uses of the popular micro-blogging tool in the instructional setting. This post generated a lot of traffic, and continues to attract hundreds of viewers every week.

Since that brief posting, I’ve come across a lot of articles containing examples and suggestions for using Twitter in instructional applications. I’ve combed through many of these and tried to boil down the redundancies to create a rich set of idea-laden resources. While there’s still going to be some overlap in the concepts presented in these articles, they clearly meet the goal of providing a thorough set of ideas and examples for leveraging Twitter in the educational process. (I follow this new listing with the original set of articles cited in my June ’09 post).

Here we have 25 Ways to Teach with Twitter from Sonja Cole.
Here’s 10 great ideas on how to use Twitter in the classroom, from blogger Steve Wheeler.
This extensive list provides 50 ways to use Twitter in the College Classroom.
This Twitter for Academia post suggests 13 different ways to use Twitter in the classroom.
In this post, teacher “Fernando” offers his Top 10 Uses of Twitter for Education.
Lastly, this PDF file discusses the experience of teacher Ana Dominquez using Twitter in the Kindergarten classroom.
I also want to mention these 100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics, which are worth reviewing to learn more and plan your approach to using Twitter in (and out of) the classroom.

Here are the original “6 Examples” from last June’s post:

I’ll start by providing links to two articles (here is one, and here is the another), about teacher Monica Rankin using Twitter in instructional application at the University of Texas at Dallas. These are a few of many stories about Professor Rankin’s efforts (this highly covered case is what really triggered my perception that there were a lot of articles about Twitter in the classroom in recent weeks).
Here is a video about Twitter (and other technologies) being used at Roosevelt HS in Minneapolis.
This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses instructor Cole Camplese’s use of Twitter, streaming Tweets from students on screen during lectures, as part of the instructional process.
In this Vlog, Christine Morris explains how she experimented with the technology with her higher ed students, tapping into Tweetdeck to get the most out Twitter.
In this blog posting, David Silver explains how Twitter replaced three other technologies he was using in the classroom.
Last, but certainly not least, here is one of countless articles about Professor David Parry’s work with Twitter, from early 2008. This is the first Twitter in the classroom story that I came across and it has been discussed and posted about many times on the Internet.
Intro to Twitter
Just to round this posting out, for anyone who is new to Twitter, here’s a nice introductory video on how to use Twitter (a short ad may play before the video, but it’s worth the wait – this is a nicely done 4 min. video from “Howcast”).


In closing, I must thank the authors of the posts that I cite here – this article would obviously not exist without their previous hard work. I hope this posting raises awareness of their excellent efforts.  

Related posts (if the above topic is of interest, you might want to check these out):
10 internet technologies that educators should be informed about
Education Technology Twitter Post Weekly Summaries
6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom

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Makeup & Hairstyles Trends

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Indian Bridal Makeup & Hairstyles – Wedding Trends for  Ideas for South Asian Bridal /  Indian Brides

South Asian Brides / Indian Brides are always looking for new and refreshing ways to infuse their style and personality for their wedding day. Whether they are looking for the perfect Indian bridal hairstyles or Indian bridal makeup or just some inspiration for the latest in 2012 bridal trends. Here are some of my favorite Indian bridal looks from some of my favorite Indian bridal makeup artists.

206 followers,                                                                            24 pins                                 

One of our very talented makeup artists Anita Hundal and jewellery suppliers Zairas Canada.

                  1 like                        1 repin       

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Love the green and pink colour combination perfect for an engement or mehndi party. Love the green liner as well. Really makes the eyes pop. Make up by Studio 26 Raquel Lacson. check out more amazing makeup trends and artists at

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Traditional Indian bridal ceremony hair and makeup. Evening or reception look. Hair & Make up by super talented Radha Sarn of Salon Picasso. She’s been the featured makeup artist on the cover of The South Asian Wedding Planner 3 years.

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10th Anniversary Edition of The South Asian Wedding Planner cover shot.

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Here’s the cover shot of the 9th Edition of Canada’s First South Asian Wedding Planner in Vancouver BC. Excited to post the 10th Anniversary Edition cover soon at

                  3 likes                                1 comment             

Profile picture of Renuka

Renuka Wow, she looks incredibly thin!

Profile picture of youAdd a comment…Comment

A refreshing take on traditional Indian bridal colours – try coral for a pop of colour and freshness. Wedding Reception look by Anita Hundal – Professional Bridal Makeup Artist Surrey BC. Jewellery by Zairas Surrey BC.

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Loving the colour combination of this Indian bridal lengha and the finishing touch of the neatly braided hair. So elegant.

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Indian bridal hair and make up trends for 2012. Check out Anita Hundal Surrey BC for the latest in Indian hairstyles and makeup. While you are there get a custom designed jewellery set to match the colours and stone work on your wedding lengha. Check out Zairas Surrey BC for more details.

                  5 likes                        7 repins       

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More Red Rich Indian Bridal Makeup & Indian Bridal Styling by the talented Indian Bridal Makeup Artist Raquel Lacson Surrey BC. Notice the red is complimented with hints of pink in the jewellery and lips. Love how very traditional red can look so different with variations in colour palettes used in the makeup.

                  3 likes                        6 repins       

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Another traditional burgundy Indian bridal look. Love the eyes and lashes. The colour on the lips looks bold and beautiful in the picture. Brides have a choice of using neutral tones or going with deep reds and burgundys. Makeup and Hair and Styling by super talented Vancouver makeup artist Radha Sarn of

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Profile picture of youAdd a comment…Comment

I love pink on brides. We’ve done a few shoots with it for the cover; it’s soft but you might want to add some variations in the shades to really make it pop your pictures. Notice the hot pink bindis and the darker shade on the lips. It’s not all about monotone but variation in shade that really adds the final touches to the overall look. Love the make up and hair by Vi Sekhon.

          2 repins       

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I love Neena’s Bassi’s work. She’s such an artist and meticulous when it comes to make up application. She’s done my hair and makeup many times for our shows, tv interviews, cover shoots. She’s got this way of creating timeless looks that are soft and endearing. Neena Bassi Make-Up Hair & Mehndi Artist. Gorgeous Model: Chrissy.

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Burgundy bridal attire will always be instyle; the key is finding the right balance with a polished look. Notice the neutral lips and the soft shimmering eyes; adds that simple sophisticated, polished look. Nice work Gurv Bal of Purple Haze Artistry.

                  1 like                                1 comment                        15 repins       

Profile picture of May Kohtala

May Kohtala I love their formal wear and the embellishments, so vibrant and beautiful

Profile picture of youAdd a comment…Comment

All about the eyes in this one. Photo by Amrit Photography. Loving the border the dupatta; in a very dramatic black. Not the usual colour choice for Indian bridal but a subtle hint will add drama to most pictures.

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Another orange bridal attire (burnt orange) but noticed it’s paired with red sequins and crystals.  And the red rose adds just the right about of  vintage to the overall look; in my opinion better suited for a reception. Make-up by Bal Bhatti of Gorgeous Glow.

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I don’t know but Orange seems to making soft spot for me with Indian bridal these days.  Teamed with fuschia or hot pink. We used the colour scheme for a recent photo shoot and paired it with hot pink (pictures posted soon). For me; it depends on the my mood some days I love it and other days a little less but I do love the energy that the colour orange portrays; happy & youthful. Makeup by Sandy Clair of Skintones.

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Clean sophisticated Indian beauty. You need the right amounts of makeup and jewels done by someone who knows what they are doing. Love how Joyti Gill of Lipstick Beauty Lounge focused on the eyes but still added colour on the lips. Just the right amount of everything to create that perfect overall look. Photo: Cosmin Danila.More details visit

                  51 likes                                9 comments                        87 repins       

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Jody’s absolutely timeless look of elegance! Definitely a regal Indian Bride.  There’s something about black and white images I love but my personal opinion is they don’t do justice to the vibrant colours associated with the richness of the fabrics and embroideries of Indian bridal lenghas. I’m going to search for this in colour as her wedding was featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner. Make-up by Drama Queen – Kiran Purewal. Good work Kiran!

                  8 likes                        8 repins       

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The rich red lips are balanced with the jewel tones of (ruby & emerald) in the model’s jewellery. Perfectly offset with a Gold Crepe Lengha. Model: Shivani. Cover Shot Make-up by Universal Faces Make-Up – Alla and Uma Esthetics. Outfit by Made in India. Photo: Craig Mutch. Cover Shot 7th Edition of Canada’s First south Asian Wedding Planner.


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Love the soft sophisticated look of this Indian bride created by Gurwinder Gill of Love the big loose curls neatly tucked away into a bun. Love this look!

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Love the eye make up and colour choice. Make Up & Hair by Racquel Lacson Studio26

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Love, love the fresh look of this indian bride. Makeup by Contoured Studios and Photo Amish Solanki; AS Photo.

          1 repin       

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Mehndi by Iti of Mehndi I absolutely love the the precision and clean hand of her henna application. Notice that the lines of the mehndi designs are not super fine; translating into better visual appeal when the henna stains.

                  1 like                        6 repins       

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Cover Shot used for 8th Edition of Canada’s First South Asian Wedding Planner. Hair & Make-up by Le Sonne Bridal. Love the softness and colour choice for the bride. Looks fresh.

                  1 like                        5 repins       

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Award winning Hair & Make up Artist with Salon Picasso

I worked with Radha Sarn the owner of Salon Picasso for Kris & Aman’s wedding here in Victoria, BC. They are based out of Vancouver, BC but travel over to Vancouver Island frequently for weddings. It was a pleasure to work with her and as you can see the final results were fantastic!

Hairdressing Market Reports, August 2012

View Trends, Analysis and Statistics.

ReportLinker is a search engine, offering immediate access to the largest collection of reports published by official sources.

1-10 of 12 reports for Hairdressing
The Australian Hairdressing Industry Brief

The Australian Hairdressing Industry Brief

  • Industry report
  • September 2011
  • 13 pages

… Of these hairdressers are currently employed in the industry only that they are registered to do so. Trends analysis hairdressing services account for 85% of total revenue of salons. Manicures and beauty …

The Singaporean Hairdressing Market : Industry Statistics

The Singaporean Hairdressing Market : Industry Statistics

  • Industry report
  • September 2011
  • 22 pages

… Professionalism Collaborate with other industry players for common good Work with government agencies for funding to train and upgrade workers Promote thehairdressing profession Attract local …

Hairdressing Sector in South Africa

Hairdressing Sector in South Africa

  • Industry report
  • August 2010
  • 49 pages

… Was 36%. The industry with the highest proportion of females employed washairdressing and other beauty treatment (88%), While Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar activities Had …

Hairdressing Business in New Zealand

Hairdressing Business in New Zealand

  • Industry report
  • March 2010
  • 36 pages

… Qualifications and these are now highly respected within the hairdressing and barbering communities and now are focused on higher level qualifications to develop the career paths that are available …

Global Hairdressing Business Analysis

Global Hairdressing Business Analysis

  • Industry report
  • March 2010
  • 120 pages

… Them to the salon team and creating a productive work environment that offers the optimum range of hairdressing products and services, as well as level of customer service, available to clients …

The Australian Hairdressing Sector

The Australian Hairdressing Sector

  • Industry report
  • February 2010
  • 28 pages

… And learners Work circumstances1. These issues are still valid and current. There is a lack of recognition of the significant contribution that the hairdressing and beauty industries bring to the australian …

Hairdressing Business in Australia

Hairdressing Business in Australia

  • Industry report
  • February 2010
  • 30 pages
  • by Governmental Agency

… In a skill, many do not work in that occupation. Migration – an increasingly globalised labour market means skilled workers such as hairdressers can often readily find employment in other countries …

Hairdressing Business in Australia

Hairdressing Business in Australia

  • Industry report
  • February 2010
  • 24 pages

… Week) in the local hairdressing industry or in the many restaurants, cafes, and throughout the hospitality industry. The school will place students in salons as part of the course; however students …

Global Hairdressing Business Brief

Global Hairdressing Business Brief

  • Industry report
  • February 2010
  • 11 pages

… hairdressing nvq level 1 what is the course about This is a one year course that will include both practical and theory work. All aspects of working as a hairdressingassistant, including removal of colour …

Hairdressing Market Analysis in China

Hairdressing Market Analysis in China

  • Industry report
  • February 2010
  • 124 pages

… The 997 samples fell into the following six sectors: i) school (beauty &hairdressing/m ake-up/nail) [abbreviated as School ] Ii) beauty centre/health centre & spa [abbreviated as Beauty centre …



3 reports for Hairdressing

Hairdressing & Beauty Treatment Market in the UK

Hairdressing & Beauty Treatment in the UK – Industry Market Research Report 

  • $ 845
  • Industry report
  • May 2012
  • by Ibisworld

… hairdressing & beauty treatment in the uk – industry market research reporthairdressing & beauty treatment in the ukthis industry provides hairdressing and beauty …


ABA ALLIED Beauty Association

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Congratulations to our Winners!

Glamorous Evening Makeup
1) Radha Sarn, Salon Picasso
2) Jenn Smith, Freelance
3) Victoria Ho, Freelance

New Talents: Women’s Trend Cut & Style
1) Desirae Cardinal, Vancouver Community College
2) Matix Etminan, Vancouver Community College
3) Ashley Paquette, Alberto & Co.

Women’s Trend Cut & Style
1) Lindsey Wilhelm of Verve Hair Lounge
2) Kristin Musial of Alberto & Co.
3) Melanie Houlker of Utopia Academy

Men’s Trend Cut & Style
1) Kyli Ellson, Freelance
2) Khishigt Gonchig, New Image Threading
3) Adam Bird, Eco Chic Aveda

1 / 4