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How the Beauty Industry leverages Social Media

Written on June 23, 2011 by Klaus in Case StudiesTips & Tricks
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Social media becomes more and more important. Most big beauty brands already have jumped on the bandwagon and have leveraged social media to engage with customers and prospects and build worthwhile relationships. But how do they integrate their social media strategy into their marketing mix?

First of all you need to ask yourself what your overall aims and objectives are! On her blogJenni gives a few ideas on how social media can help to meet these aims and maximise activity:

For instance, product development could use social media for customer feedback and market research for new products. Customer service could use social media to answer queries and complaints, and turn negative feedback into a positive experience. Social media could create newsworthy campaigns that PR can then promote to the press.

Jenni also emphasises that it is important to create and implement a plan based on all of these needs. The plan which should function as a guide and needs to be adjusted as circumstances demand ensures that the social media activity ‘meets the brand’s aims, rather than ending up just doing social media for social media’s sake’.

Social Media is social! Start a dialogue, not a monologue

Social media is communication and communication only works if you start a dialogue with your prospects and customers instead of using your social media accounts to solely push out sales messages.

Always remember that an informative approach is very important when it comes to social media. Listen to your audience, identify relevant conversation topics, brand evangelists and opinion leaders within your field. Connect with them, enter the conversation, interact and build relationships. Always answer if someone asks a question, always react to complaintsfast and accordingly.

By doing so you will grow your fan base and create loyal customers who are likely to recommend your services and products to their friends and peers. Word of mouth and recommendation marketing is the key word.

Ok, that are quite general tips. How should a beauty related company integrate social media. Well, let’s look how others have done it.

Give to Get: Generate a loyal following by sharing your expertise

Have you ever heard of Lauren Luke aka panacea81? Everything started when the single mom and taxi dispatch clerk uploaded a few videos to Youtube with tips and tricks on how to (re)create celebrity looks. Within a short time frame Lauren garnered thousands and millions of views for her make-up tutorials and built a loyal following of almost half a million subscribers. Today she has her own make-up line called ‘By Lauren Luke’ and sells her products very successfully to customers in the US, Canada and Europe. Also onTwitter she shares her knowledge and skills with almost 40.000 followers.



Lauren Luke became a celebrity herself by sharing videos on how to imitate celebrity looks


Nice story, but what can a small company like a make-up school which just has started to step into the world of social media learn?

You need to give before you get something back! As I said before you need to add value to people instead of just promoting yourself and telling them how great you are. Step outside the sales pitch and be social. First listen, then talk and share valuable and value-added information! Show your passion, your expertise and share your knowledge and you will attract a huge and loyal following. Also contests and giveaways are good ways to create a buzz. Just make your following talk about you, make them love your brand.



Bobbi Brown answers beauty questions on Twitter



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2 Responses to How the Beauty Industry leverages Social Media

  1. John Doe

    August 12, 2012 | 3:27 am

    The problem with social media activity is that its results are soooo poorly trackable.
    You listen and follow and answer and write and signup and … you never know which of these generated some results.



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