Top Future Trends in Educational Technology and E-learning

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thirty cultural and technology trends which shape the e-learning environment

1) Video (flip camera, mobile devices, skype type communication)
2) Mass Customization + Software as Service (Saas)
3) 2 Way Communication (We the Media via blog and podcast)
4) Social Learning (Facebook + Ning + Wiki) John Dewey
5) Hands On Learning + Virtual Project Management
6) Information overload
7) Mobile and iPhone (Handheld)
8} Fundamental cultural and generational shift (Digital Natives)
9) Real time distance learning (Skype + Oovoo)
10) Findability for academic content
11) Entirely new communication + interaction + business models
12) Outsourcing in the labor force (Guru)
13) Simulation (World of Warcraft)
14) Crowd power and crowd sourced education (News, Digg, Yahoo Buzz, Threadless)
15) Short attention spans
16) Distributed content
17) Global/Local
18) Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
19) Widgets (Sprout)
20) Personalized + Socialized experience (Google)
21) Personal branding and slash careers (micro-enterprise, micro-sourcing)
22) New Organizations and Movements (Unconferences of every shape and variety, Tweet Ups, Coworking, Jelly, Tech Stars)
23) Micro-movements
24) Social sharing (delicious, Digg, Stumbleupon, DocStoc, Scribed) and social media optimization
25) Rapid pace of change
26) Freemium and hybrid business models
27) Corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship
28) Flat earth + Spikyness
29) User generated content (Amazon, wikipedia, flickr, Threadless)
30) Re-mix culture


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