22 Trends in Education

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Twenty two trends in education technology, e-learn and distance learning,


Here are some of the “key emerging technologies” that ed tech group thought were very possible education technology trends in the not so distant future (here is the formal Horizons 2009 report)

1) Audio seminars/podcasting
2) wikis
3) blogs
4) collaboration tools/sites
5) mobiles applications/cell phones as personal learning devices
6) microblogging + twitter
7) flip cameras + youtube
8} facebook
9) student oriented portfolio
10) digital storytelling
11) citizen journalism
12) geotagging
13) social bookmarking
14) blended learning (hybrid courses)
15) blackboard
16) virtual world
17) jinga webcasting (???)
18) iphone mobile outreach
19) small screen learning objects
20) screen casting
21) camtasia
22) hi def video conferencing [not buying it]

Technologies with Education Application in the Report:

Voice Thread
Adobe Buzzword
Google Docs
Mind meister
iCue (created by NBC for social studies)
Classroom 2.0
Flat Classroom Project
Project New Media Literacies
Swift Classroom
Youth Media Exchange
Global Kids in Second Life

Education Technology Trends in the Report:

• Dealing with Ambiguity
• Collective intelligence (wikipedia, Amazon suggestions, Netflix suggestions). “How we answer questions. Not all questions have factual answers. More qualitative than quantitative. Students need to be able to answer these questions too.”
• Visualization tools makes info more meaningful for both text and data sets. (Wordle + Wasabi for finance + Mint.com)
• Mobile phones changing incredibly fast (change after a year…whole generation of devices) Iphone (shake, touch) “More like little computers, and less like telephones.” Applications

3 Year Time Frame for Educational Technology Trends

• Cloud computing like Twitter (3 year timeframe)
• Geo-everything + geo-tagging. For instance trip to a botanical garden or Urban Spoon (3 year timeframe)
• The personal web. Flips the nature of the web. We can personalize to whats interesting + most important to us. Easy publishing like blogging. Also media aggregation services. Also collaboration tools + collaborative authoring tool. Collaborative textbooks via Flatworld Knowledge. Also page flakes and netvibes for project resources. Like a portal. Also personal learning environments and personal learning networks.

Far time horizon for education technology trends

Semantically aware applications. Applications can understand the meaning of text. (Turkey bird vs. Turkey the country) Trip It: the online travel iternaray uses this to some extent
• Smart Objects (2 dimensional barcode, can take a picture which leads to a URL. Like tagging the world) For instance a tire that knows it needs. Or in a science lab that says “don’t mix.” Libraries could use this by embedding smart technology (for instance location based–its been mishelved). Blocks on TED talks. Also smart clothing.

Challenges in Education Technology and New Media

• Changes in scholarship (recognize + reward)
• Meaningful assessment. Better data mining (current systems, can’t keep up)
• Need to keep up with mobile.


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