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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Colorful Fishtail Braid, 4th Of July Hairstyles

Fourth Of July Hairstyles
A Fishtail Braid With Ribbon  

4th of July hairstyle, ribbon braid

This “colorful fishtail braid” ponytail hairstyle was made using patriotic colors with the 4th of July in mind (Indepdence Day for the US.) Of course, this braid could be created with any color combinations you would like for other occasions. This would be a cute hairstyle for sports, as it tends to stay in very well. You could even look for ribbon to match your team colors!

We like ponytail hairstyles for summer time.  It’s nice to have a quick hairdo that keeps the hair out of your face, detangled, and off your neck for hot summer days. This braid could also be wrapped into a colorful fishtail bun if you desire.  😉

If you are looking for a more grown up look, I would suggest clipping (or eliminating) the elastic at the top of the ponytail and stretching the strands of the braid as you work your way down, creating a trendy, tousled and messy fishtail braid.

fourth of july hairstyle, fishtail ribbon braid

Ribbon Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Video Tutorial:

And now…. a “bonus hairstyle.”  😉

4th Of July Ribbon Bun

We actually filmed both of these fourth of July hairstyle ideas about a month ago. I have been so busy lately with my kids being out of school for summer vacation, family reunions, and… life that I ran out of time to get both videos edited and uploaded.  Sooooo, here is our quick step by step “screen shot tutorial” of this fun patriotic bun!

You may have seen this adorable braided sock bun floating around on Pinterest lately? This is basically the same concept, using ribbon instead of braids.  Our ballet bun video may be helpful if you haven’t seen this type of bun before.

Step 1: Run the ribbons you would like to use through an elastic and secure it to a small piece of hair placed right in the middle of where you would like the bun to be.

Step 2: Make a ponytail with all of the hair around the ribbon and add a bun foundation or homemade rolled up sock bun maker at the base of the ponytail.

Step 3:  Arrange the hair around the bun maker and secure with an elastic (leaving the ribbon out.)

Step 4:  Arrange the ribbon around the bun and secure with another elastic.

Step 5:  Pin the remaining hair/ribbon around the bun.  At this point we also added a scarf around the edges to help hide all of the ends.


PS: If you are looking for more patriotic hairstyles, we have done several over the past few years which can be found here: 4th of July Hairstyles

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jasmine Hair

Princess Jasmine Hairstyle
Inspired by Disney’s Aladdin
Jasmin hair

This Princess Jasmine hair style is inspired by the “puffy ponytail” as seen in the Disney movie, live plays, and books on Jasmine from Aladdin.  This isn’t meant to be an exact replica of the original hairstyle, of course…but rather our take on it. Cartoon hairstyles can be difficult to recreate on real hair sometimes!    

Princess Jasmin Hair

 As you can see, right now the Princess has fairly long hair (like Jasmine) which worked out well for this hairstyle.  You could definitely create a similar look with shorter hair though.  I actually had our “short hair girls” in mind when we were re-creating this hairdo!  You may have noticed on the original style, the “puffs” in the ponytail actually start down lower on her head (at the top of the ponytail itself.)  We placed our elastics up higher on her head. So, if you don’t have as much length to work with, you can still get a few “puffs” in before you run out of hair.  😉  

We wanted to keep this hair style simple and quick.  But, if you have the time and you like to braid….In the hairstyle pictures below is a more intricate Jasmine hair variation, as another option. We braided the ribbon headband into the style using a 4 strand pleated ribbon braid across the top of her head for this variation.

Disney princess Jasmine hair

Aladdin Hairstyle

Braided Headband, Jasmine Hairstyle

The main reason we decided to make a Jasmine hair tutorial this week is that we recently attended a live performance of Disney’s Aladdinand the Princess was very excited to wear a Disney Princess Hairstyle to the musical!

Aladdin poster

To complete this hairstyle you will need:

  • A ribbon, headband, or scarf.
  • Several small elastics (the amount will depend on the length of your hair, we used 9 total.)  The brand we used is “Goody Ouchless.”
  • 5-10 minutes.
  • Love for Disney Princesses!

Jasmine Hair Tutorial: 

This would be a very cute hairstyle to wear if you are planning on going to Disneyland, Disney World, or an Aladdin show. This would also be a great addition to a costume if you are dressing up as Jasmine or a genie for Halloween or other occasion!

If you are into the Disney Princess thing, we have done a few other Disney inspired hairstyles in the past which can be found here:

Belle Hairstyle (from Beauty and The Beast)
Cinderella Hairstyle 


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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Waterfall Fishtail Braid

How To Make Waterfall Braids, With a Fishtail Twist!
The “Waterfall Fishtail Braid”

waterfall braiding

We love the ever popular waterfall braid and have enjoyed experimenting with it. Waterfall braids are very trendy right now and seem to be the “in” hairstyles for 2012, along with many other braided hairdos. We have done a “waterfall twist braid” along with several variations of the standard 3 strand waterfall braids in the past and wondered if it would be possible to make a waterfall fishtail braid (orwaterfall fishbone braid as some may call it.) Yes…. as you can see, it is possible and we actually love how this braid turned out! 

The Princess has been wearing this pretty braid in many braids stylesover the past few weeks. We have tried one long diagonal braid across the back of her head, 2 small waterfall fishtails on each side (joined in the middle) a double fishtail braid stacked on top of each other, and even a fishtail waterfall braid updo!  The braided hairstyles you can create using this technique really are endless!

waterfall fishtail braid

This hairstyle should work great for long hair, medium hair, even shoulder length hair. If you prefer more of a messy, relaxed hairstyle, you can definitely stretch the strands of the braid as shown at the end of our video.

The Princess doesn’t wear her long, straight hair down very often because it tends to get tangled quite easily, especially when it’s windy out.  We usually save hairstyles like this for occasions such as church or low activity/indoor days. Of course, this style could easily be pulled into a ponytail or bun if needed. 

There are a few ways this braid can be created (including using a topsy tail, the same way we have shown here: Topsy Tail Waterfall Braid.) But, after experimenting a bit, the technique we used in this video seemed to turn out the best for us in the end.

Hope you enjoy this unique braid!

Hairstyle Video: 

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